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The UChicago STEM Education  is a research and development center that resides within the Physical Sciences Division (PSD) of the University of Chicago. It was founded in May 2002 to conduct and support research and development for the mathematics and science education of children up to age 14. The center was originally funded, and continues to be supported by, the contributions of authors and University of Chicago royalties from the sales of Everyday Mathematics. The Everyday Mathematics curriculum was developed starting in 1985 as part of the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. Implementation and support of Everyday Mathematics continues under the direction of UChicago STEM Education.
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UChicago STEM Education has three areas of focus

Tool Development

The center creates tools that support the work of teachers, professional developers, and administrators, including instructional materials for classroom use, professional development, materials for teachers, and planning tools for district leaders. The tool development group maintains and continues development of Everyday Mathematics (EM) and conducts development projects for the elementary science curriculum Science Companion.

School Support Services

UChicago STEM Education offers strategic planning and professional development services for schools and districts that want to strengthen their Pre-K through Grade 8 mathematics and science programs. Our services range from developing pacing guides to providing professional development workshops and coaching. We specialize in providing support to schools and districts that use Everyday Mathematics or Science Companion.

Research and Evaluation

UChicago STEM Education’s research targets questions of crucial importance to practitioners and leaders of mathematics and science education focused on education improvement efforts. UChicago STEM Education’s Research work is currently focused on the following areas: measuring fidelity of implementation and enactment of innovations; understanding and measuring the spread and endurance of innovations in education; understanding and measuring science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) schools; the use of online technologies for teacher professional development and Researchers Without Borders.

UChicago STEM Education's evaluation projects are designed to generate useful and practical information for individual clients and to develop principled knowledge that can advance the field. Evaluation projects include youth science programs at informal science education centers, mathematics and science initiatives at public and private schools, instructional materials surveys, and data-based technical assistance.

Separately, each of these components is a necessary part of improving mathematics and science education. Within UChicago STEM Education, they inform one another and constitute a rigorous, comprehensive approach to supporting high quality education.

For more information visit the UChicago STEM Education website.

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