Mental Math and Reflexes

The term Mental Math and Reflexes refers to exercises, usually oral, designed to strengthen children's number sense and to review and advance essential basic skills. Mental Math and Reflexes sessions should be brief, lasting no more than five minutes. Numerous short interactions are far more effective than fewer prolonged sessions.

There are several kinds of Mental Math and Reflexes suggestions provided in the Teacher's Lesson Guide. Some involve a choral counting routine; many are basic-skills practice with counts, operations, or measures; and some are problem-solving exercises. Ideally, children record their answers to these problems on slates.

The Teacher's Lesson Guide suggests Mental Math and Reflexes exercises for almost every lesson. Note that there are three levels of difficulty for the Mental Math and Reflexes suggesitons. You are encouraged to use these exercises based on your children's needs and your classroom activities. If the suggested exercises do not meet the needs of your class, feel free to provide an alternate set.

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