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1st Grade Literature List

Title Author Unit or Lesson Topic
Jack and the Beanstalk (no specific version suggested) 4–5 Measurement
Anno’s Counting Book Anno, Mitsumasa 1–4 Counting
Anno’s Counting House Anno, Mitsumasa 4–11 Addition
Two Ways to Count to Ten Dee, Ruby 3–5 Counting
Deena’s Lucky Penny deRubertis, Barbara 6–9 Money
Lulu’s Lemonade deRubertis, Barbara 9–5 Measuring
Twenty is Too Many Duke, Kate 2–13 Numbers
Picture Pie: A Circle Drawing Book Emberley, Ed 8–6 Fractions
Each Orange Has 8 Slices Giganti, Paul 3–3 Patterns
The Father Who Had 10 Children Guettier, Benedicte 8–8 Fractions
Pattern Bugs Harris, Trudy 3–1 Patterns
26 Letters and 99 Cents Hoban, Tana 6–9 Counting
Cubes, Cones, Cylinders, & Spheres Hoban, Tana 7–6 Shapes
The Great Pet Sale Inkpen, Mick 3–12 Counting
City by Numbers Johnson, Stephen T. 1–4 Numbers
Follow the Money Leedy, Loreen 8–2 Money
Fraction Action Leedy, Loreen 9–6 Fractions
Eating Fractions McMillan, Bruce 8–6 Fractions
Missing Mittens Murphy, Stuart J. 3–2 Even/Odd numbers
Just Enough Carrots Murphy, Stuart J. 5–3 Numbers
Probably Pistachio Murphy, Stuart J. 5–9 Probability
How Big is a Foot? Myller, Rolf 4–3 Measurement
How Hungry Are You? Napoli, Donna Jo and Tchen, Richard 8–8 Fractions
The Warlords’ Beads Pilegard, Virginia Walton 5–1 Place value
It’s About Time, Max! Richards, Kitty 10–2 Time
Cactus Desert, Arctic Tundra Silver, Donald 10–6 Climate
Tropical Rain Forest Silver, Donald 10–6 Climate
Let’s Count Tana Hoban 5–1 Counting
Round is a Mooncake: A Book of Shapes Thong, Roseanne 7–3 Shapes
Welcome to the Green House Yolen, Jane 10–6 Temperature
Welcome to the Ice House Yolen, Jane 10–6 Temperature

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